End of Life Coaching Services

Dying is the last and most important thing we do in life.  End of Life Coaching is for those experiencing the dying process and their loved ones.  Knowing where someone is in their dying process and how to be with them brings deep, gentle, compassion, and love to the experience.

A end of life coaching session with Denys Cope is available by phone or in person at her Santa Fe office and typically last an hour.  Denys will assist family members, partners, and friends to identify where their loved one is in the dying process.  From that Denys will coach you in how to be with them to get the best out of each of you as your loved one ends this journey and begins the next.

Denys will also assist you in how to connect with end of life resources in your geographic location to assist in the transition and grief process.

End of Life Coaching Sessions:  $85.00 per hour